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Post  Legend on Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:51 pm

9Dragons Vagabond Community Forum Rules

With the using of and the participation in the 9Dragons Vagabond Community Forum, you will accept the forum rules automatically and are bound to it. The noncompliance of the forum rules can and will be punished with an exclusion, if warnings should be ignored.

Normally, every user will be warned with 3 warnings before an exclusion. The 9Dragons Vagabond Community administrators reserve the right to ban any user from the forum at any time without any warning - depending on the heaviness of the violation, though.


Be respectful! That means:
- Help the other forum members, or leave them at least alone.
- Do not write full lines in caps. That will be interpreted as yelling.
- Keep a content which is suitable for people from the age of 13.
- Do not bring any ingame conflicts or other dramas into this forum
- Do not post any unconstructive comments about other forum members, forum administrators, forum moderators, any guild, etc.
- Just post in english. Use PMs for any other language.
- We do not tolerate anything related to racism, sexual, drugs, warez, violent, threats, or other comparable things.

Do not be pointless! That means:
- Stay On-Topic. Off-Topic posts can and will be moved to the Off-Topic forum or deleted. You can also use the Off-Topic forum at any time for anything which does not have anything to do with the game, the community or other related topics.
- Do not spam. Examples of spam are: The creating of several topics about the same subject, the exaggerative replying with the same answers, one-word-replies, etc.
- Do not troll. "Trolling" refers to annoying and harassing other members.


- There should be only 1 topic for every subject of the game in the Guides forum. If you want to add something, then post it as reply in the already existing guide.
- Make sure that these are guides which are useful for a vagabond. Stay loyal to this forum and do not post any clan-related guides which are useless for vagabonds.
- Good and useful guides will be pinned in the Guides forum.


We all say "shit" and "fuck" from time to time - it's human, okay and sometimes needed to underline certain absurdity. However; Like everything else, if you overdo it, it becomes shitty and fucked up again. Please use such words in moderation - we want to keep a certain level of respect.


You can share all possible videos, songs, pictures, etc. However, posts with warez, pornographic, racist or other comparable content will not be tolerated and will be punished immediately with an elimination.

The forum rules may be changed at any time, without any premonition, notice or information.

The 9Dragons Vagabond Community.

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