[Guide] How to stash unstorable items (and add slots to already refined weapons)

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[Guide] How to stash unstorable items (and add slots to already refined weapons)

Post  Legend on Thu Mar 31, 2016 3:44 pm

This is a little guide which we found on Elysium9D forums which we wanted to share here too. Why? Because it sucks when only a few individuals, who know about such tricks, can use advantage of it while other players, despite asking GMs for help, never get a hand. Thanks to Abbyfa for sharing this with us.

You can find the original post here.

Abbyfa wrote:
Ever wanted to store some items in stash but the game kept bitching at you? Well, don't worry no more. You can now play tricks on the game and forcefully store these items you want, whether the game likes it or not.

You need to carefully follow these steps:
First of all, and most importantly, sort your bags!

Now, you'll need the item you wanna store to swap places with any different storable item.

For example: The item you want to store is Scent Herb which normally CAN'T be stored in stash, and you have a King Jin's Soul Bead, which normally CAN be stored.
Simply put, after sorting your bag, drag Scent Herb and drop it on top of KJ Beads to swap places.

After Sorting

You Swap

Simple. Now go to the stashkeeper
Click ONCE on the item A.(KJ Beads/storrable item) [Do not double click] then the Store button.
Write down the amount you wanna store (Always use 1 if it's a single item like weapons and such) and Sort your bag again, you will notice that the unstorrable item B. swapped places with the storrable item A. now you can simply confirm. And Voila. It's been stored. [Do not confirm before sorting bags]

P.S: You can also slot a refined weapon using the same method.
Let's say you already refined your Blessing Sword, and you wanna slot it but you can't. In this case, you will need another Blessing weapon (Not necessarily a sword). Sort you bags, swap the two weapons, then go ahead as if you were going to slot the unrefined Blessing weapon. Put your unrefined weapon along with the Groove Cutter and SJ, then sort your bag again so the weapons could swap places. Then combine.
Your main refined Blessing Sword is now 3 slots. To make it 4 slots you need to make your secondary unrefined weapon 3 slots to make it work, then do the same thing once again.

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