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Raw version of the rewriting of the story of Lone-Hero
Written by Lone-Hero

The original story was many many chapters long, took approximately 2 years to write, and died with the first Vagabond Community Forum. This is my attempt to provide the highlights of that story before I finally disappear and the world of 9Dragons never hears of me again.


Dobidon was originally a Buddhist Shaolin monk. When he became of the age of men he began to disagree with the isolation and beliefs the he and his brethren had been raised in. He became one of the few to leave the Shaolin temple.

He then joined the Taoist clan Wu Tang where he studied and mastered both sword and hand tai chi. He became friends with one of the masters.

One day the 2 were sitting next to each other and the master questioned Dobidon's happiness. Dobi admitted he felt as if his soul belonged elsewhere. The master told Dobi that he was destined for great things and that he may leave the clan on the terms that he swear never to reveal Wu Tang secrets to anyone. Dobi agreed but only as long as the master never spoke of his name again. And with that he left his life behind.

Dobi traveled from city to city learning basic Kung Fu styles where ever he could and if he ever saw someone in trouble he never hesitated to help regardless of the danger. He became known as the Lone Hero as per the fact he was always alone and always committed acts of heroism.

Throughout his travels he heard of someone called vagrant. This person was said to have viscous fighting skills and a strong heart. Hero searched but never found this person.

Instead, he met a man who was called Legend. Hero didn't learn until many years later that the Legend he would become friends with was THE son of the nameless warrior (the vagabond).

Legend greeted Hero with a smile. It's not every day he ran into someone with a wandering soul. Hero was ecstatic. He had heard of Legend's many great accomplishments and wished to learn all his tricks.

Over the next few years hero and legend's bond grew stronger and stronger until they became as brothers. What Hero couldn't defend against Legend did. What Legend didn't believe possible Hero went the extra mile to make it possible. It's said that Legend and Hero were once surrounded by 5 great warriors. When the battle was over the 2 of them emerged victorious. Hero had the mentality "I can do anything" and Legend had the passion to get anything done. Together the two were the invincible brothers. [that actually wasn't in the original but I liked it].

Legend taught Hero many survival street skills such as how to craft his own weapons, how to survive gangs of deviant clans without constantly having to run back to catch his breath, how to run like the wind, and how to properly meditate. Most importantly Legend taught Hero the importance of friendship and of freedom.

Their idea of freedom from the boundaries of a clan started to catch on; more and more people began leaving their clans for what was called the path of the vagabond. Clan members saw this as betrayal and held a great bitterness towards vagabonds. Eventually the younger clan members who were not busy on the front lines fighting each other started attacking every person they seen who had left his clan. Hero and Legend hated to see the young men and women who left their clans being beaten and killed for sharing the belief of freedom.

Legend decided to use all the money he had saved up to make purchase of an abandoned monastery. He used the monastery as a safe haven for the vagabond community. The only rule for anyone who wanted to take refuge in the monastery was that they were not a menace to society; all people who entered the monastery were free to come and go as they pleased. Legend offered them shelter, food, and even teaching of a few of the tricks he and Legend learned over the years. The people who resided in this place became known as the Vagabond Army.

One day a man named Kay’par, leader of the local dragon cult, decided the vagabonds were stirring things up too much so he raised an army of bandits, hired clansmen mercenaries, and attacked the Vagabond Army. All the vagabonds fought their hardest. Legend single handedly defended the main gates, by the battles end he would take out 500 men. Hero covered the back which was not being attacked as heavily. After the people stopped coming Hero spotted the leader, Kay’par, on the battle field and took it upon himself to attack.

When he arrived, however, Kay’par seemed to vanish into thin air and in his place was Iron Face. Iron face was a beast of man standing at 7 and a half feet tall, weighing over 400 lbs, and every beat of him muscle. He was called Iron Skin because of the mask of iron he wore – no one has ever seen his face. The entire earth seemed to shake when he walked and despite his size he had incredible jumping kick abilities.

Heroes abilities were strained but after an entire agonizing hour of almost being crushed, almost being ripped in two, being slammed into several trees, almost having a tree fall on top of him, being slammed onto the ground so hard the he made an impression, and being used briefly as a weapon, he struck down Iron Face.

Kay’par materialized behind Hero and whispered to him something that no man would ever know. The information sent Hero into a fury and after cutting through hundreds of people he ran off towards Lou Yang.

[as to why hero went to Lou Yang and became depressed, as well as how Hero ascended and returned as a higher being I have decided to omit from this retelling of events due to the amount of time it would take to explain everything and the fact that some people may find some parts of this story offensive. In short – Hero goes off the deep end but finally finds his way back then resides for a year in Japan.]

Hero returns to find that after the battle Legend had gone into a coma and awoke with amnesia. [as to how Legend found his memory and defeated his inner self I have decided to also omit as this information can be found in Legend’s story.]

Hero found Kay’par in Nanzhao [home of the aboriginal tribes of Nanman], who we find out in this part of the story is almost the same being as Hero, and the two fight. The battle ranges from all terrain to aerial combat. After breaking 20 weapons [including blunt branches found on the ground] and released millions of darts at each other Kay’par eventually falls.

At some point between now and when Hero finally returns to the Vagabond Army monastery we find that Legend is dead. Another long side story short and many details omitted; Hero goes on a journey to revive Legend, instead Legend’s inner person is revived who goes on a trek to destroy or rule over the existence of men, Hero finds himself having lost his memory in Cheng Du, eventually the two meet and after much more omitted details Legend is finally Legend again, Hero is finally Hero again.

Towards the end Legend retires to Japan and Hero takes over teaching and keeping safe newer vagabonds. Eventually Legend comes out of retirement, Hero goes into retirement, Hero comes out of retirement, they both go into retirement, they both come out of retirement, Legend permanently retires, and finally with Hero still going strong and the vagabond path of freedom ever expanding, the Great Masters of the world beyond decide to randomly destroy the world.

The End.

Part II
The world is created again by new Great Masters but Hero decides to stay out of the world while Legend lives as a hermit in the new world teaching those who seek his guidance.

This was not to last as eventually the new Great Masters announced their plan to destroy the world by the winter of the following year.

ANOTHER group of Great Masters announced that they would remake the world but at this point Hero decides to move on to the land of Wulin – who the Great Masters of that world announce wont be created for at least 4 more months.

The End of the end.

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