Vagabond Meeting - Bardo, 2009

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Vagabond Meeting - Bardo, 2009

Post  Legend on Fri Aug 19, 2011 8:04 pm

These are some screenshots of a Vagabond Meeting we made in the Bardo server, back at Acclaim times. It was in 2009 - April, to be exact. The purpose of this meeting was simply to make some screenshots and to show Acclaim back then that there actually are a few people playing vagabond characters. A few screenshots of vagabond players was requested by Acclaim, but we did not tell this fact to the community.

Even some Vagabonds from the other two servers, Nirvana and Asura, joined us. Sadly, Vagrant was not able to make it. However; A few of the participants made some screenshots. These are the ones I've made (if you have trouble seeing them, just click on them):

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