Legend visits SvS Hangzhou

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Legend visits SvS Hangzhou

Post  Legend on Fri Aug 19, 2011 9:22 pm

Since I was always mainly a vagabond player, and my highest clan character I've ever had back at Acclaim was Raising Light 7, I never knew clan-specific game content like Party Quests, Black vs White War, or Storm vs Storm. I've seen friends doing Party Quests, was in Bloody Plain during Black vs White War and knew that the winning side would be able to enter CC5 and face there True General Wei, but I've never seen any Storm vs Storm and only knew what other players told me. So I've decided to take a look there once.

When I was waiting for it to start, many players told me to go away because the mobs would kill me. They were red to me and indeed dangerous, but it was all right and totally worth to me. It was in January 2009.

Here are the screenshots I've took then (if you have trouble seeing them, just click on them):

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