The very first Vagabond in CC5!

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The very first Vagabond in CC5!

Post  Legend on Fri Aug 19, 2011 11:36 pm

I was the very first Vagabond (normal player, non-VGM/GM) ever who entered the secret floor in The Cave of The Conqueror, also known as CC5!

I admit, I was very lucky to be the very first vagabond to do so, because the buff to enter CC5 was given that day to all players (black clans, white clans and vagabonds) by mistake. No other vagabond seemed to have noticed it, so I was the only vagabond in CC5 that day.

When I've noticed to have the CC5 buff (known to me from my clan characters which I often used for a selling stand in Hefei), I knew this was my chance, so I just went straight to CC5. I was not sure if I would be able to go through the door of CC5 (in a game like 9Dragons, only because you have a buff which is supposed to do something it doesn't mean that it actually will work as supposed), but when I've tried it, I was inside.

It was an awesome experience to me, and I am to date very proud to have been the very first vagabond (regular player) who was in CC5. It was in May 2009, as one can see in the file names of the saved screenshots in some of these screenshots (or just check the eighth picture, showing my role and the date).

If you have trouble seeing them, just click on them.

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